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Question (1) : Why invest in shares?

Answer : We know now that investing in shares is a kin to owning part of a business. A profitable business keeps ploughing back profits to earn more profits or should we say "compounding profits". Hence unlike investing in assets like gold and real estate

Question (2) : What is a share?

Answer : Share or Equity represents part of an ownership of a business. So as a shareholder you own a piece of the action that happens in that business. Why would you want a piece of the action? For the rewards of course. As a shareholder you have a right over

Question (3) : How do I buy a share?

Answer : Shares are traded on stock exchanges and you can buy them only from people recognised/authority called Broker. NKB Securities are also authorise for transection from BSE & NSE.

Question (4) : How much does a share cost?

Answer : The price is set by the market and it all depends on how many buyers and sellers think the share is worth that day. Some stocks sell for less than Rs10 a share, others for more than Rs1,000 a share. But do not be misled that a Rs10 share is better than a Rs1000 share.

Question (5) : What does going short on stocks mean?

Answer : If you buy a share with the expectation that the price will rise, you are "long" on the stock. On the other hand, if you expect the price of a stock that you do not own to go down you can even sell it. Then you would be going "short" on the stock.

Question (6) : Any age limit for Investment in share?

Answer : No their is no age limit for investment in share.

Question (7) : How do I sell a share?

Answer :
The same way you buy one, you just hold or sell this time around. You call your broker and tell him or her to sell your shares (or you enter your sale with an online broker). You'll get the market price of the stock for that day.

Question (7) : What is DEMAT?

Answer : Dematerialisation and trading in the demat mode is the safer and faster alternative to the physical existence of securities. Demat as a parallel solution offers freedom from delays, thefts, forgeries, settlement risks and paper work. This system works through depository participants (DPs) who offer demat services and the securities are held in the electronic form for the investor directly by the Depository.

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